Social Phantoms

Social Calendar 2015-16

The social calendar at Phantoms Water Polo Club is a very important part of who we are and what we do.

At Phantoms we promote a healthy lifestyle through exercise combined with the rewards received through participation and commitment to your team and club.

During the season there are a large number of social activities for members to enjoy and they provide a great opportunity to get together out of the pool and socialize.

Events planned for the forthcoming 2015-16 season include:

  • A.G.M. Breakfast Sunday August 23rd.
  • Club Welcome B-B-Q – First Sunday Training at Beatty Park Sunday September 20th.
  • Club Xmas B-B-Q.
  • Corporate Cup.
  • Car Park Cup.
  • Presentation Night.
  • Rotto Weekend.

    • ‘Early Risers’ at Beatty Park
    • Beatty Park BBQ
    • Rotto Training Camp
    • Phantom Juniors
    • Premier League
    • Social Phantoms
    • Winning Phantoms

Phantoms Water Polo Club offers an unmatched social component to your enjoyment of water polo and no two events are ever the same. Teams are allocated the responsibility of ‘hosting’ an event of their choice both as a social and fundrainsing opportunity and over the years we have enjoyed many interesting and family focussed events.

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